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Half Of American Fans Say ‘Supernatural’ Forces Decides Who Wins In Sporting Events

If you knock on wood, do a good luck dance or pray to God during a big football game, you’re not alone.

Half of Americans believe some type of supernatural force is in play during football games and other sporting events.

“Just ahead of the 2014 Super Bowl, 50 percent of sports fans see some aspect of the supernatural at play in sports, meaning they either pray to God to help their team, have thought their team was cursed at some point in time, or believe that God plays a role in determining the outcome of sporting events,” a survey conducted by the Public Religion Research Institute found.

The survey also found that football fans are also more likely to pray for their team, perform a pre-game or game-time ritual, or believe there’s a curse on their team than any other type of fan.

Twenty one percent of football fans have either a special ritual or a lucky item of clothing they associate with a big game, while another 22 percent say that God plays a role in which team wins the game.

Of course, not everyone thinks God cares whether the Seahawks or the Broncos win this year’s Super Bowl.

“No,” Rabbi Arthur Weiner of the Jewish Community Center of Paramus told “We live in a world where we have a religious understanding that God cares about everything, but the truth is we don’t believe that this is the kind of thing God needs to or should be getting involved with.”

Former quarterback and current NFL Network analyst Kurt Warner, isn’t so sure where to draw the line between God and what God cares about.

“It’s one of those tricky questions,” Warner, a devout Christian, said. “I believe God has your best interest in mind. How that correlates to winning and losing football games, I’m not fully sure.”

The survey by the nonpartisan, non-profit group based in Washington, D.C., asked 1,011 adults from Jan. 8 to Jan. 12.

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