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Armed Christian Credits Jesus For Fugitive Surrender (Video)

Patrick Hale credited Jesus for the surrender of two Georgia prison escapees at his home in Rutherford County, Tennessee, on June 15 (video below).

At a press conference on June 16, Hale recalled that some friends told him that two fugitives -- wanted for allegedly killing two prison guards -- were seen in his area. Hale responded by loading his guns, noted WZTV.

Hale recalled seeing two men -- Donnie Rowe and Ricky Dubose -- crossing a barbed wire fence about 300 yards from his back door.

"I prayed like I have never prayed before," Hale said, reported The Tennessean.

After taking a minute to pray, Hale called 911, and then had to decide if he and his young daughter were going to stay in their home's panic room or leave.

"We got in the car, and backed up quick only to find that the gentlemen had been running and got much closer to our house," Hale added. "They began to take off their shirts and wave them at us as if to slow us down."

Hale said his car looks like a police cruiser, and suggested that the fugitives mistook his car for a police vehicle, and surrendered:

I began to slowly back up as they came closer. At that point, I realized I had two ex-cons wanted for murder who just shot at law enforcement and [had] nothing to lose. And for some reason, they started to surrender and lay down on their stomachs on my concrete driveway. If that doesn't make you believe in Jesus Christ, I don't know what will.

According to WZTV, Hale remembered that he left a loaded shotgun in his truck and worried the inmates might grab it before the cops came.

More than 45 police came to Hale's rural home within three minutes, according to Hale, who added: "I cannot tell you how grateful we are that they arrived."

Hale also attributed the lack of violence to divine intervention: "Even though we did have guns with us, we never had to use them, and that to me is more than a God thing."

The fugitives reportedly escaped from a prison bus on June 13, allegedly killed guards Sgt. Christopher Monica and Sgt. Curtis Billue, and reportedly stole four vehicles during their escape.

According to law enforcement, the fugitives took a couple hostage for hours in Shelbyville, Tennessee, and then left in the couple's Jeep.

The fugitives escaped the law during a wild chase on Interstate 24, but crashed the stolen jeep near Christiana, Tennessee. They left weapons in the jeep and made their way through some trees to Hale's home.

Tennessee Highway Patrol spokesman Lt. Bill Miller said that Hale held the fugitives at gunpoint, but Hale stated: "I had a weapon on me, but I never had to draw the weapon as has been in the news."

The FBI offered a $130,000 reward, but the Tennessee and Georgia Bureaus of Investigation are not sure who will get it.

Sources: WZTV, The Tennessean / Photo credit: Ken Wilcox/Flickr

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