Gun Control Would Be Proof of 'God's Judgment' on US, Says Gun Owners of America (Video)

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Gun Owners of America executive director Larry Pratt recently claimed that gun control laws in America would be proof of "God's judgement'"on the US.

Pratt made his claims in Tulsa, Okla. on Nov. 4. during a prayer breakfast sponsored by the pro-gun Oklahoma Second Amendment Association.

“I would submit that if we have gun control in this country, then we will know we are under God’s judgment,” claimed Pratt, noted (video below).

“We should be praying that we will all be able to go around armed, because that will be one outward indicator that we have God’s blessing,” added Pratt. “If we’re walking around like they are in New York City and San Francisco, we’re under his judgment.”

Even though guns are never mentioned in the Bible, Pratt recalled the Israelites fighting the Philistines armed with swords in the Book of Samuel.

However, Pratt put his hand on God's pen and changed it for the present day: “That must have been one nasty battle to have gone into battle with only two guys with a gun, everybody else empty-handed.”

At the same prayer breakfast, Sen. Ted Cruz's father Rafael Cruz claimed that God was pro-death penalty, noted The Huffington Post.

“You know, the Bible is so clear," said Rafael. "Go to Genesis chapter nine and you will find the death penalty clearly stated in Genesis chapter nine... God ordains the death penalty!”

What Rafael failed to mention is that Genesis 9:6 was specifically addressed to Noah.

Rafael also bashed gays, gay marriage and said that teachers should be required to carry guns.

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