Grocery Store Samaritan Jessica Eaves Stops Thief and Pays for His Groceries

It was just another routine grocery store trip for mother of four Jessica Eaves when her wallet was stolen right from her. While most people would probably chase the person, call the police, or start a fight, Eaves did something pretty awesome.

As soon as her wallet was stolen, Eaves spotted the man in the aisle next to her.

“As I saw him,” Eaves told the Huffington Post, “a [Bible] scripture came to me from Luke, which basically says, ‘If someone should take your cloak, you should give them your shirt as well.’”

So she marched up to the man and said, “I think you have something of mine. I’m gonna give you a choice. You can either give me my wallet and I’ll forgive you right now, and I’ll even take you to the front and pay for your groceries.”

The other choice was that she would call the police.

Eaves said the man then reached into his pocket, handed her the wallet, and started to cry as they both headed towards the check out line.

Eaves claims that the man’s groceries cost $27 total, and when she reached to get cash out of her wallet, she had exactly $28. She says she never carries cash on her, but as a devout Christian, she believes that this was no coincidence.

“I knew in that moment it wasn’t me,” said Eaves. “It was Christ that played in that moment."


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