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Green Street United Methodist Church Won't Perform Weddings Until Gays Can Marry (Video)

The Green Street United Methodist Church in Winston-Salem, North Carolina recently announced that it will not allow any wedding ceremonies or sign any marriage licenses until gay couples are allowed to marry in the state and in United Methodist Churches (video below).

Green Street United Methodist Church Senior Pastor Kelly Carpenter told WXII-TV that members of his congregation wanted same sex couples to “share a sense of the love that they have found.”

“North Carolina prohibits same sex marriage and all the rights and privileges marriage brings,” the church posted on its Facebook page on Friday. “The Leadership Council has asked that their ministers join others who refuse to sign any state marriage licenses until this right is granted to same sex couples.”

“Because the United Methodist Church prohibits its pastors from conducting same sex weddings, excluding gay and lesbian couples from the holy sacrament of marriage, the Leadership Council has asked their pastor to refrain from conducting wedding ceremonies in our sanctuary for straight couples, until the denomination lifts its ban for same sex couples.”

The church plans to hold “relationship blessings” until the state of North Carolina and the United Methodist Church agree to support gay marriage, reports

Sources: WFDD-TV,, Facebook


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