Grace is not a License to sin, but a path to righteousness


Many questions & misinterpretation by Christians about the Grace of God, as the License to sin. This is due to the fact that Holy Spirit was not evidenced in their conversion. They may have read the Sinner's prayer, just like a religious ritual without admitting that they are sinful and remorseful for their sins nor do they need Christ in their life. 

The ideal situation should have been that anyone who is in Grace will not want to break the law (God's commandments). God loves us and wants to shower us with His love and unmerited favor. Unmerited favor is benefits we receive not because we earned it but is made possible only after the divine exchange which took place at the cross – Jesus, who was innocent, died for our sins.  God is our Father and He wants to give everything good on earth when we ask for (including forgiveness that is good for our salvation when we die).  As a parent, I, too, will want my children to have everything they ask for that is good for them.  When my children make mistakes, when they hurt me, I will forgive them and shall not remember their trespasses no more.  This is my parental grace to my children.

You and I have a very powerful Father, He made Heaven and Earth.  There’s nothing He cannot do.  However, because He loves us so much, and He wants to have our love in return, He gave us the freewill to choose Him or the World (Satan).  What is the meaning of love if we are denied of our freedom to choose?; and since He is Holy and justice, He will honor our choice.  This is the part where we must make wise choices.

When we choose God and receive Jesus as our Lord and Saviour, 3 things happen:

1)      We are immediately put under unmerited favour from God.  Jesus has overcome the world that as Christian of new covenant, our past, present and future sins are already forgotten.

2)      Then Jesus as promised in the Bible would send the Holy Spirit to dwell in us as our good councilor and guidance in walking with us through this life, teaching us all things including a life away from sins, although we live in this world but we are not of this world, we are the citizen of heaven. The Holy Spirit will eventually heal us complete in body, soul, and spirit, to make us complete in having shalom, the peace and joy.

3)      When we receive favor we do not deserve, we will feel true love from God and we only want to love God back through our Free Will of choice.  When we love God back, we will want to embrace God's Holiness, we will not want to disappoint God.

Like a parent, God will correct us when we do wrong in many different ways, like first to convict us, and may escalate until we repent.  God’s chastisement is for our good, because whenever we sin, Satan will have legal right to attack us (since God is Holy and just, He cannot say we are right when we are wrong in the first place); which means God’s full blessing can not reach us due to sins.  It is only through re-dedication of our repentance and acceptance of Jesus (the power of the cross) that God sees the righteousness of Jesus (Jesus paid for our redemption in full) instead of our sins, that God can remove Satan’s right to attack us (note that God has forgiven us even before we seek repentance).  Jesus took our place. But still we need to seek it, confess it, and believe it in faith before we can receive it as ours.

It is like when you are caught for traffic violation and is being trialed in the court of law.  The verdict is a certain $-fine under the law or else Jail term, and you do not have that money to pay (because the wages of sin is death, there is no way you can pay).  So, although you have good connections, a.k.a.- a very powerful Father who is the Judge, the verdict must still stand and the judgment be passed.  But, your lawyer (a.k.a  Jesus Christ) will act on behalf of you for your very powerful Father (because you have asked your Father for forgiveness and help) to negotiate for your release by helping you pay for the fines.

 As Christians, we will be led by the Holy Spirit to seek repentance in Jesus name.  This way, Satan will not have legal right to attack us anymore.  We will be free to lead blessed lives that will glorify God (e.g. if my children are successful and happy, I am puffed up too). Yes, God is Holy but sovereign.  We receive undeserving pardons and blessings only because Jesus has overcome the world for us.  Treasure this Holy gift, don’t let our Father down again, don’t make a mockery out of the sacrifice that Jesus made for us on the cross; and keep Satan out of our lives.  This way, God will be glorified.


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