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GOP Event Compares Cruz To Jesus, Elicits 'Amens' From Iowa Crowd

Speakers at a Iowa Republican Party fundraiser on Friday compared Tea Party Sen. Ted. Cruz (R-Texas) to Jesus and super heroes.

Steve Scheffler, a conservative Christian activist, hailed Cruz to an audience of 600. He thanked God for the 16-day government shutdown and prayed for more conservative leaders who would “be crucified for their belief system,” according to Buzzfeed.

The crowd responded to Scheffler with amens.

Despite the disdain from his colleagues, even those in his own party, Cruz’s shutdown appears to be a hit among Tea Partiers.

“Every time one of these guys attacks him, it’s good for him,” said one Iowa Republican operative. “He’s like a superhero. The more bullets that get shot at him, the bigger and stronger he gets.”

When Cruz spoke at the annual Ronald Reagan dinner on Oct. 25, he warned Democrats in the House and Senate who voted against the GOP budget proposal that they would feel it at the polls next year.

“I promise you, come October and November of 2014, we’re going to see TV commercials all over this country of Democrats who voted to give themselves a special exemption to Obamacare that their constituents don’t get and there are going to be some Democratic members of Congress and of the Senate who are suddenly going to be experiencing the joys of the private health-care system,” Cruz said.

He claimed if it weren’t for Republicans who didn't stand by his side, the shutdown would have had a very different outcome.

“We didn’t accomplish our ultimate policy goal in this battle, and we didn’t because unfortunately a significant number of Senate Republicans chose not to unite and stand side by side with House Republicans,” Cruz insisted. “Had we stood together I’m convinced the outcome of this fight would be very, very different.”

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