GOP Candidate Compares Gay Marriage to Child Losing Mom or Dad in Car Accident

Pastor Jody Hice, who is running for the congressional seat of Sen. Paul Broun (R-Ga), recently made some controversial claims about gay marriage on his radio show.

Speaking on "The Jody Hice Show," the host warned that gay marriage would have an "enormous erosive effect on the family."

"Just because a person is in a same-sex relationship, doesn't mean they've lost rights," claimed Pastor Hice, who affirmed that gay people have the right to live together.

Pastor Hice then said gay marriage rights were "not about rights, but redefining marriage and that I am opposed to. It's not an issue of rights."

Buzzfeed notes that Pastor Hice insisted that gay rights could not compared to civil rights because “you cannot change your race" and thousands of people have chosen not to be homosexuals.

According to Mediaite.com, Pastor Hice later shared more of his logic: "Homosexuals have the exact same rights to get married. Government doesn’t determine what gender a person is attracted to in order to allow them to be married. Homosexuals have the right to be married, they just don’t have the right to be married to one another because that is a redefining of marriage."

Pastor Hice then pointed to bigamy and polygamy laws that ban those types of marriage.

He also insisted that marriage laws should be based on "what's in the best interests of the children, who need a mom and a dad."

“If a child loses a mom or dad in a car accident, we all think that’s a tragedy,” said Pastor Hice. “And yet in a same-sex relationship, there is an intentional, deliberate doing away with one gender or another.”

Sources: Mediaite.com and Buzzfeed


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