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God's Healing is Like Santa Claus Giving Gifts, Claims Pat Robertson (Video)

On today's broadcast of the 700 Club, televangelist Pat Robertson compared God's healing to Santa Claus giving out gifts.

A viewer wrote in and asked Robertson if faith healers are only able to heal during the 700 show and added: "If not, are they spending every waking moment healing people? If not, that is just plain wrong."

According to, Robertson said that 700 Club hosts pray when they get a “word of knowledge” and “the Lord just shows us what he is doing at some point of time, not what we are doing, it is his do” (video below).

Robertson then claimed: “I do not believe in a 'resident gift to heal.' I don't think that's Biblical. I think it is a word of knowledge. It is gifts of healing. If we had the power to heal, then we should go through the hospital and clean out every ward.”

Robertson's co-host claimed the person who wrote the letter has probably not experienced God's healing.

“It’s plural ‘gifts of healing.’ It’s like Santa Claus. He has a pack on his back and he has gifts and he’s passing these gifts out but they come from God. Only God can heal people. Only Jesus Christ, the son of God and the Father can heal. The word of knowledge says we are merely reciting what God himself is doing, okay?” said Robertson.



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