‘In God We Trust’ Returned To Louisiana Middle School Sign After Campaign By Religious Student Group


The phrase ‘In God We Trust’ has been restored to a sign at Ridgewood Middle School in Louisiana after a student group launched a campaign against its removal.

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) is a religious student group which promotes Bible reading and prayer outside of school hours, according to information from WRBL.

As part of their campaign, FCA members passed out T-shirts with a picture of a sword, the Bible and the motto displayed on the front. They claimed that the sign had been displayed at the school for many years.

Within a short period of time, their campaign brought the desired response.

“Our principal, Scott Aymond, just couldn’t move fast enough to get that back up,” pastor Joey Ketchum told Fox. “And when our forefathers started this country — ‘In God We Trust’ — they were talking about Jehovah God.”

Elisabeth hasselbeck, Fox News host, agreed with the pastor.

“Well, it’s a job well done by the students there,” Hasselbeck said on air. “If it’s good enough for our money, it’s good enough for our school sign.”

This view is not shared by everyone.

The FCA campaign was triggered by a complaint from the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), which alleged that by displaying religious signs the school parish was violating the first amendment.

In a letter to Caddo Parish schools at the beginning of April, in which the ACLU pointed to the promotion of Christianity by an elementary school principal, ACLU Louisiana head Marjorie Esman wrote,

“"No school employee may tell a student what religion to practice or even to practice religion at all. Nor may a school official tell students or their families to teach any religious texts."

Sources: AOL, Raw Story, Shreveport Times, WRBL / Photo credit: WikiCommons


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