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'In God We Trust' License Plates Will Soon Be Available To West Virginia Drivers

Jill and Mike Snyder of Harmon, West Virginia, have collected 300 applications supporting their proposal that specialty license plates can have the motto “In God We Trust” printed on them.

The couple hand delivered the applications last week to the West Virginia Division of Motor Vehicles.

The plates will have an outline of the state along with the West Virginia and American flags, according to the Charleston Gazette.

Jill Snyder is overjoyed with the support she has received.

“I am just so thankful, that’s the main thing, I am so thankful for all the people that made this happen. Every single person who trusted us with their money and had faith in us, they sent in their application and they said yes, I want this to happen too,” she told the Charleston Gazette. “That’s what it amounted to, those 300 people, and I want to thank them from the bottom of my heart for being part of this because without them this wouldn’t have happened.”

Mike Snyder shares his wife’s joy.

“The calls have come in from every part of West Virginia and they are still coming in," he said. "The calls are still coming in, so this is growing and we are just proud to be here.

“It is almost too hard to believe," he added. "We give God the glory for it."

The plates are expected to be released this summer.

Wisconsin approved the sale of license plates bearing the phrase “In God We Trust” late last year. David Hinds, who spearheaded the initiative, began the process in July 2011. Proceeds from the plates will raise money for state veterans, according to USA Today.

"We owe our freedom of religion and all of our freedoms to the veterans that have served our country to protect these freedoms,” Hinds said in a speech. “None of this would ever have been possible without God's grace working in so many individual hearts."

The Wisconsin plates were scheduled to be released in Jan. 2015.

Sources: Charleston Gazette, USA Today

Photo: Wikimedia, The (Appleton, Wisc.) Post-Crescent


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