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'In God We Trust' Is Being Placed On Government Buildings In North Carolina

"In God We Trust" is now being displayed on government buildings across North Carolina.

The U.S. Motto Action Committee, an organization who has been working to get the words placed on government centers throughout the state, paid for the displays.

Union County Commissioner Richard Helms said of the phrase, “It’s our national motto and it’s what our country stands for.”

The phrase became the national motto of the United Stated when President Dwight D. Eisenhower established a law in 1956, although it had been printed on U.S. coins since 1864.

Helms continued, “I think it’s represented by the faith we have in our country and in God.”

He said that the motto can represent any God – Christian, Muslim, Jewish, etc. This has been a subject of controversy from atheists, however, who believe that the placement of the motto on public government buildings ignores their beliefs.

"These installations only serve to divide our communities," said Nick Fish of American Atheists. “…We want a government that gives no special treatment or recognition to any group on the basis of their belief, in, or lack of belief, in god." 

Chairman Helms said that when Union County commissioners held a public hearing on the placement of the display, nobody spoke up in favor or against the action.

The committee formed in Davidson County, NC, in 2003 when, after deciding to place “In God We Trust” on government buildings, the county was presented with a lawsuit trying to prevent them from doing so. Davidson County Commissioner Rick Lanier then formed the committee to fight for the right to place the country’s motto on government buildings. The committee has successfully placed the words on public buildings throughout the state. '

Sources: Fox 46 Charlotte, The Times News

Photo Credit: Fox 46 Charlotte


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