North Carolina Courthouse To Emblazon 'In God We Trust'


On May 2, local authorities approved North Carolina commissioners to emblazon the words "In God We Trust" onto a courthouse.

The Scotland County Board of Commissioners unanimously approved the U.S. Motto Action Committee's request for the sign, Laurinburg Exchange reports.

“We founded the U.S. Motto Action Committee for the sole purpose to promote patriotism by encouraging elected officials to vote yes to display ‘In God We Trust’ in and on their governmental buildings,” said Rick Lanier, co-founder of the committee. “Displaying the motto gives ceremonial honor to public occasions and expresses confidence in our society.”

So far, the U.S. Motto Action Committee, which fashions itself as a grassroots movement, has funded adding the motto to more than 60 other North Carolina public buildings, as well.

“We feel compelled to move forward aggressively in the hope of maintaining a remnant of our godly American heritage. Because of the apostasy of our nation and the evil forces of political correctness our religious freedoms are quickly dissipating,” Lanier added, reports the Christian Action League.

Their success has won the admiration of many Christian leaders.

“I’ve been following this organization’s remarkable success for quite a while now,” said Dr. Mark Creech, executive director of the Christian Action League. “What they’ve been doing is an incredibly marvelous contribution to the full restoration of our nation’s Christian heritage.”

Not everybody is happy with these sentiments.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation has been working hard to battle the “In God We Trust” motto movement, requesting its removal from various government enterprises, such as courts and police.

“The phrase repeatedly has been used to justify other First Amendment state/church violations,” writes Dan Barker, a Freedom From Religion Foundation employee.

“The American way is to let people decide for themselves what to believe,” he adds. The Supreme Court has ruled that the government is restricted to secular actions alone, that it must neither advance nor hinder religion. "In God We Trust" is a religious phrase. It does not belong on the legal tender of our secular nation, the first nation to separate church and state with a godless constitution.”

Sources: Laurinburg Exchange, Christian Action LeagueFreedom From Religion Foundation / Photo credit: Therightclicks/Wikmedia Commons

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