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"In God We Trust" Appears In Florida City Council Building After Vote Not To Display It

“In God We Trust” has appeared in the city council building in Venice, Florida, months after the city voted against displaying the phrase.

Months ago, a group of citizens presented the idea of putting a large plaque in the Venice City Council building that said “In God We Trust.” The city council decided, in a five-to-two vote, to not display the motto.

Citizens are now upset because the motto has appeared in the council chambers on Florida’s state flag. The state’s flag has been on display outside of the building on a flagpole, but Councilwoman Jeanette Gates wanted to hang the flag differently. She asked for the flag to be hung inside to honor flag day.

“I think it's quite prejudicial. I think it ignores a number of peoples’ feelings,” said Rosemary Hagen, founder of the local humanists society. She continued, “You're not respecting everybody and to really be a true American I think you should respect all beliefs.”

The phrase “In God We Trust” was put on Florida’s state seal in 1868 and became the official state motto in 2006.

Venice Mayor John Holic said that the flag will not be taken down. He said, "It is displayed correctly. It is the state of Florida flag those are the words on the seal of the great state of Florida."

At a recent council meeting, the council members decided that they liked the new position of the flags and that they would remain in their position for the foreseeable future.

Sources: ABC 7, Herald Tribune

Photo Credit: ABC 7


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