'In God We Trust' Added To Michigan County Police Cars


A Michigan sheriff has added the national motto, “In God We Trust,” to five of his department’s patrol vehicles.

Crawford County sheriff Kirk Wakefield says his decision to add “In God We Trust” decals to his patrol cars "is about freedom.” 

Wakefield is the president of the Michigan Sheriff’s Association board of directors. He told MLive that he has spoken to sheriffs from all over the country and decided to pay for the decals himself to avoid criticism from Crawford County residents.

“I didn’t want any pressure to be brought to the county board from people saying ‘he’s using tax dollars for this,’” Wakefield said.

The sheriff received a $100 donation from a local church to help cover the costs.

So far, Wakefield says there has been no criticism of his decision.

“It’s just the right thing to do,” Wakefield told WWJ Newsradio, according to WLBZ.

Sources: MLiveWLBZ / Photo Credit: Crawford County Sheriff via MLive

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