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God was Good?

I've said for many many years that I believe that the word "God" was mis-construed from it's very beginnings.

Way back whenever and wherever, whoever started the whole "God" thing was probably surrounded by uncertainties,evil-doers, natural calamities, bad weather, lack of food and water stemming from these happenings, and a shipload of other goings-on that they had no answer for and needed relief from. After many years in this situation along comes some guy, we'll call him by one of the names that he was given in some histories,....Moses - Hebrew, Moseh - Greek, Musa - Arabic, Moshe - Tiberian, Moises - Spanish, or one of the other variations.....Mosheh, Moe, Mo, Mozes, Moss, Mosiah, Mosie, Moyses, or Moishue.

Apparently this guy really got around or at least his story did. I guess he made some crops grow, he happened to be present when droughts ended, and who knows what else was going on back then. Not to mention he made this list of stuff for people to live by. By the way the stories about him vary his existence over several thousand years as well. Can you imagine how much social security he collected?

Getting back to the original thought here, as this guy helped people get over the stress of everyday life and get things on an even keel again (coincidence?), people throughout the world began to say

"Hey this guy is 'GOOD'" and of course in order to shorten their workday the office workers and secretaries of the day just dropped off the extra "O" making the phrase "Hey this guy is 'GOD'". Now of course Mo really didn't want that much scrutiny so he told all the folks that it was his boss upstairs that did all of the work and deserved all of the credit. From that time forward whenever something "GOOD" happened they looked up and of course we know where people look when something bad happens, down of course. That's also the reason why "GOOD" is never at fault when things go wrong even though he is supposedly the one that created all of this.

That's the story and I'm sticking to it!


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