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God’s Judgment Coming for Overturning DOMA, Says American Family Association (Video)

American Family Association radio hosts Fred Jackson and Sandy Rios expressed their disappointment this morning about the U.S. Supreme Court overturning the Defense of Marriage Act.

DOMA was signed by former president Bill Clinton in 1996 and allowed states not to recognize a gay marriage that was performed in another state.

“It’s a big win for gay activists today, no Question about it," Rios said by phone, noted "They ruled it down 5-4. Justice Kennedy came down on the side of gay rights. And so, not a good day. It’s not a good day for us.”

Jackson added: "We started the day, Sandy, saying, 'No matter what happens God is still on the throne.' We cannot forget that, but there is no question that as a country, that if God's judgement has not been upon us before this, God’s judgment will be."

“No question about it, They kept shouting DOMA's dead, I thought that was pretty metaphorical, marriage is dead too, for the future of this country,” Rios added.



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