God is psychotic


I have been trying to get god to go to therapy and he wont.   He is very bitter and hateful.  He sends everybody to hell for eternity when they die.  He knows this is wrong, but he doesn’t want to change.  I know this is the opposite of god’s image…but it’s the truth.  Remember Noah and the arc.  He destroyed everybody but one family.  hes doing it again.  I aint saying there will be another flood…im saying its worse. 

 I told him to just destroy hell and he can do whatever he wants…why should people pay for his hatred and bitterness?  Especially since he is still bitter from what happened many years ago.  He said he knows hell is wrong and people don’t deserve eternity in hell…but if he destroys it he will create something worse…he needs a “Fix”.  His fix isn’t alcohol or drugs…its hatred. 

 I really think if we could get him into therapy he would benefit from it.  He is so proud, arrogant, and stubborn I can not help him.  I don’t know how anyway.  I looked up “overcoming bitterness” and “overcoming Hatred” on the internet and all it says was scriptures….God can not pray to himself.  He needs a practical approach to overcoming hatred and bitterness. 

 Can you imagine getting many prayers day after day wanting something from god.  God can not win…if he doesn’t answer, people wander why…if he does answer it is a sure way to get another prayer wanting something else.  God has limits.  He can not do it all. 

 It would be one thing if only people who wanted to love god asked for things…but everybody asks for things.  can you imagine trying to please everybody?  It doesn’t happen.  And even if god answers your prayers…will he get anything in return…like a righteous life?       God has given lots to lots of people which in return lived a life of sin.  This is very frustrating to god and wants to know how he should continue.  Most of people think they are Christians but do what they want.

 I don’t know the first thing about overcoming bitterness…I never had to deal with it.  I need someone to tell me more than forgive and forget.  I read some books that say you have to talk about it until it stops controlling your life…and then they get religious and say you have to pray…this helps men and women, but it wont help god.

I don’t know how to get god into therapy…I have heard about interventions but I know very little about them.  he is very proud.  He don’t want his image to be ruined.  I know this sounds absurd…but he has lived many years without mans approval and don’t want it to go back to the way it was. 

 The only thing I know how to do is to get professionals ready to help him…if he goes willingly that’s great…if not we let more and more people know the truth until he gives in.  I think his image is so important to him he will cooperate. 

 I hate telling people they are going to hell for eternity.  This is so scary….taking peoples god away is not what I want to do.  but I can’t leave this go on.  I have been talking to him for 6 years now and I am at my limits.  I can not continue doing this…its frustrating and futile.  I can only try to get him more help.  I need some “independent thinkers” to help him.  This has never been done before and we need to come up with a plan.

 One thing I noticed is God is so emotional, bitter and hateful it is hard for him to make a good decision.  We need to be able to help him make better decisions.  Without good decisions this will be futile and frustrating.   


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