God is Jaded

Ive been talking to god for 5 years now.  It is very apparent he is bitter, self righteous and jaded.  He is bitter because every time he tries to do something he fails...but he fails because he is jaded.  just imagine all the times in the bible where he tried controlling people...and failed.  christianity is his last attempt to control people (not Sinning)....and look how bad he has fared. 

I am sick of religious people saying how great he is and he is forgiving...he isn't either!  he sends 99 percent of people to hell...how can he be great?  if you are one of the people that think he is great...think of all the people that  think they are saved...and what makes you different from them?  the bible is clear ( the road is narrow...the path to destruction is wide) 

I hope people wake up and understand god is a narrow minded, self righteous prick that needs to be be changed...we can change him by not thinking he is great and sticking up for ourselves...otherwise we will be in hell with the 99Percent.


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