God Did Not Create Tyrannosaurus Rex to Eat Meat, Says Creationist Paul Taylor (Video)


The Tyrannosaurus rex is a theropod dinosaur and has been classified as a carnivore (meat eater) for decades, but Paul Taylor of Creation Today claims that theropod dinosaurs were originally designed by God to be herbivores (plant eater).

"I have no problem with the idea that a dinosaur, like Tyrannosaurus, is fierce enough to eat people, to eat other dinosaurs, it could well have been a meat eater," said Taylor in a newly-released video (below), noted RawStory.com.

However, mainstream archeologists have never said the Tyrannosaurus rex ever ate people, or existed at the same time as people.

"Many people say, 'how do we know that Tyrannosaurus ate meat?' They say because of the sharp teeth, but actually there many creatures today that have sharp teeth that do not eat meat. For example, Pandas have very sharp teeth so that they can eat bamboo. Evolutionists have a problem with that. They believe that the panda should really be a creature that eats meat, but it started eating bamboo," added Taylor.

Taylor also mentioned the flying fox which eats melons, instead of meat.

“One thing is for sure, the theropod dinosaurs were not created to eat meat. God created all creatures to eat plants, and he gave some of them sharp teeth so that they would be able to do so. Some of those particular mechanisms of different sorts, including teeth, may have changed after Adam’s sin so that such creatures could eat meat," concluded Taylor.

However, if Adam's sin changed normally plant-eating creatures so they could eat meat, why doesn't the panda follow that path of thought and eat meat today?

Source: RawStory.com


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