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God Credited For Starting Church Bus In Cold Weather

Some believe a Christmas miracle happened on Dec. 18 when a church van would not start in cold weather, but after some prayer and another attempt, suddenly roared to life.

Emmanuel Sanchez posted a picture of the bus on Facebook and recalled the motorized miracle, but did not mention the location:

Our little Christmas miracle! Yesterday after church our young adults event was hopping on this beauty and driving her around the city checking out the Christmas decked out houses!

Unfortunately, due to the [frigid] temperatures, it wouldn't start up. So it was decided we would cancel that idea, and do something else.

A couple of us young adults and one of our pastors were determined to go the bus, lay hands on it, and command it to start up in Jesus name!

As soon as we finished praying for the bus, our pastor stuck the key in the ignition, and the bus started up with no problem!

God is literally so big that he cares about our small needs. Even when we have back up plans and can settle for good, he wants us to have the best! If your car doesn't start up this winter, don't run for help. Just put your faith into action

It's not unusual for buses that use diesel fuel to have problems in cold weather, and there is a scientific reason why, noted the Kingsport Times-News in Kingsport, Tennessee, in February 2015:

School buses, which nowadays run mostly on diesel fuel, have glow plugs to heat fuel up near the injectors just before starting and block heaters to keep the overall engine warm. But problems still can occur.

Diesel fuel can turn into a gel when it gets cold and not go through the injectors. And that could happen after a bus is on the roads as cold outside air rushes past a fuel tank and potentially gels the fuel, although diesel sold in the winter is thinner than the summer and treatments are available for cold weather.

Sources: Emmanuel Sanchez/Facebook, Kingsport Times-News / Photo credit: Emmanuel Sanchez/Facebook

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