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Glenn Beck Warns Viewers of End Times, Cites Book of Mormon (Video)

A serious Glenn Beck warned his audience on Friday's radio show that "we are living in Biblical times" and added "we are at the end" (video below).

Beck cited the Book of Mormon, which was supposedly given to founder Joseph Smith in the form of tablets that could only be read with special spectacles. Smith, using the spectacles, allegedly translated the tablets into the Book of Mormon.

"I happen to believe in another book called 'The Book of Mormon,' and in it, in the very end is the story of the Americas," Beck said. "It's only a story of 'watch for these things.' It is really a calendar, that's all it is. Watch for these things and you will know."

He added: "It talks about how the enemies they were up against at that time were into cannibalism and they were eating people as a sign of bravery and courage."

Then Beck said he saw a video of "Russian rebels" eating people and added that the Russians "are tied to the same people in Syria," notes

Beck then recalled seeing a video of a Syrian rebel in "the groups that we are arming, stand on the battlefield and cut the chest open and take the beating heart out of a dead body ... and eat it."

"I warn you we are in very dangerous times," Beck said. "We are living in biblical times."

Beck said he told his staff: " If you ever hear me mention the Book of Mormon on the air, we are at the end. I am sorry to say that I feel we are now at the place where you better have your house in order."



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