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Glenn Beck Compares Democrats to Nazis, Won't Mention His Church's Support of Nazis (Video)

Glenn Beck recently attacked a video from the White House Correspondents Dinner that he hasn't seen.

On his Internet radio show yesterday (video below), Beck slammed his own website, The Blaze, which ran the headline: “Biden Mocks Himself in Hilarious Comedy Skit for White House Correspondents Dinner.”

Beck then attacked a clip from the video that featured actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Vice President Joe Biden walking in on Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) getting a tattoo, noted

“Don’t they know that they’re the ones that are going to be running the camps? They don’t get the tattoos, they give the tattoos,” stated Beck, in a reference to tattoos given at Nazi concentration camps.

However, Beck failed to mention that leaders of his faith, the Mormon church, had been supportive of the Nazis.

Warren Throckmorton mentions on his blog that the Mormon churches in Germany supported the Nazis based upon the Mormon's Twelfth Article of Faith, assisted Germany's basketball team in preparation for the 1936 Olympics and kicked out a member of the Mormon church for publicly opposing the Nazis.

Throckmorton also mentions that a Mormon newspaper in the U.S.,The Deseret News, praised the Nazis (referred to as the "National Socialists"):

Since the National Socialist party have come to power a few sects have been prohibited or restricted, but activities in the “Mormon” church have been carried on about the same as before. As a matter of fact, a number of interesting parallels can be seen between the church and some of the ideas and policies of the National Socialists.

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