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Glenn Beck: 10,000 Pastors Are Willing To Die For Their Beliefs (Video)

Glenn Beck recently interviewed Pastor Jim Garlow about an upcoming "Future Conference" at his Skyline Church in San Diego, California.

According to the Skyline Church website, the Future Conference guests will include conservative activists such as Newt Gingrich, Tony Perkins and Frank Gaffney.

Beck told Garlow about the "Black Robe Regiment" that he co-created, which supposedly has between 17,000 and 10,000 pastors who are ready to die for their beliefs, noted (video below).

Beck stated:

The number in the Black Robe Regiment is about 70,000 now. The number that I think will walk through a wall of fire, you know, and possible death, is anywhere between 17,000 and 10,000. That's an extraordinary number of people that are willing to lay it all down on the table and go to jail or go to death because they serve God and not man. Jim is one of those men.

Garlow recalled telling some pastors that they needed to live like Dietrich Bonhoeffer, a German pastor who died while trying to plot the assassination of Adolf Hitler.

"People like you and me and, thank God, many others are digging in very deeply and laying the benchmark of where we're going to stand on these issues," Garlow stated.

Beck later stated:

Now the time is right and you're gonna start to see these very bold pastors, like I said, I think there's 10,000 of them, and that may sound like a small number, but I want you to know that Dietrich Bonhoeffer got two. We have 10,000. The actual number that David [Barton] thinks that will walk to their death is 17,000.

I'm being pessimistic in saying there's 10. But you're going to see these 10,000 to 20,000 pastors begin to stand up and say, "It doesn't matter if I lose my church, it doesn't matter if I lose my building, it doesn't matter if I lose my life, I will not sit down." If you don't have a pastor like that, you need to find one.

Sources:, Skyline Church
Image Credit: YouTube Screenshot


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