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'We Are Sincerely Regretful': High School Apologizes For Basketball Team's Barbie Doll Crucifixion

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One Illinois high school girls' basketball team is reeling from backlash recently after a photo emerged of the players pointing at a Barbie doll crucified on a cross in the gym of their Catholic school hosts.

In the photo, the group of girls -- from Woodstock High School -- are standing beneath the doll and smiling brightly while pointing at it. Sources say that the doll was their symbol for "girl power"which is why they decided to attach it to the cross in the Marian Central Catholic High School gym.

The girls were coming off a win against their rivals, Woodstock North, and were in high spirits because of it. However, they seemed to have gotten carried away with their emotions as afterwards they decided to stage the picture, which was later deemed "offensive" by the religious high school hosting the game.

Woodstock High School has apologized to Marian Central Catholic. Officials from the school have addressed the issue numerous times to the team of girls. In their apology, the school said, "On behalf of Woodstock and the girls' basketball program, we would like to apologize for our actions after the regional final girls' basketball game Marian Central hosted.

"Our intent was certainly not to insult nor denigrate Marian Central and its family," the apology continued. "We apologize the act could solicit a perception of disrespect of faith, one's school or the community they represent.

"The team's symbol of 'girl power' was used in an inappropriate manner. We are sincerely regretful for our actions and will use this as a learning experience for our program," the apology added.

The picture first made its rounds on social media before being shared in the community at large.

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Woodstock High School's athletic director, Glen Wilson, told reporters that the school and its officials were "extremely disappointed" by the issue and let Marian "know it was not meant to be malicious."

Source: The UK Daily Mail Photo Credit: Daily Mail


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