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'Get Out Of Our Countries': Poster Aimed At Muslims Sparks Controversy (Photos)

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A pub in England apologized after a customer posted a message on their bulletin board, telling Muslims to “get the f**k out of our countries.”

The poster was spotted at a Wetherspoons location by a passerby, and was reportedly put up without staff realizing it. The man who first noticed the poster was making his way into the restaurant to have lunch with a Muslim friend.

“MUSLIMS,” the message read. "Are you unhappy with our countries? Are you offended by our culture? Would you prefer to live under sharia law? 

“Then we have a simple solution for you. Get the f**k out of our countries, and go back to the monstrous s**tholes you came from. You can live under Muslim rule there and enjoy it as much as you like."

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The poster was made by a group calling themselves Infidels Against Islam.

“I was absolutely disturbed to see this vile poster on display in my local pub, let alone in the biggest pub chain in the UK,” one Wetherspoons customer said. 

The pub subsequently released a statement condemning the message and apologizing for their oversight.

“A poster was displayed on the notice board at The Moon on the Square, by a customer at the pub, without the knowledge of the pub staff,” the statement read. “As soon as this came to light, staff immediately removed the discriminatory material. The customer notice board, which is regularly checked and monitored by staff, has now been completely cleared of all material, whatever the content. The Moon on the Square is a community pub, proud of its diverse customer base, and has always been fully committed to operating in a non-discriminatory way."

Sources: Metro, Independent / Photo credit: MetroIndependent


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