German Priest Asks Pope Francis To Waive His Vow Of Celibacy

A German priest is making a direct appeal to Pope Francis to have his vow of celibacy waived, arguing he has a "human right to partnership."

Father Stefan Hartmann publicly admitted earlier this year to having fathered a child in 1989, eight years after he took the vow in 1989.

Hartmann, 59, recently wrote a letter to the Vatican asking to stay in the priesthood without being celibate.

He asked for a waiver “in acknowledgement of my weaknesses and failures, with all due humility and after long consideration of my conscience and personal situation.”

He also said revoking the celibacy vow would “bring solutions and relief in many cases,” invoking his “human right to partnership, marriage and stating a family.”

Hartmann supports abolishing the celibacy vow for all priests, which he said will boost the Church’s numbers.

Sources: Mediaite, The Independent


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