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Georgia Town Flies Christian Flag At City Hall, Ignores Attorney's Advice

The Cochran, Georgia, City Council recently voted 5-1 to fly a Christian flag at city hall.

City Councilman Gary Ates told 13 WMAZ that he was the one who called for a vote on the flag, which specifically endorses Christianity.

"The city manager took the flag down because an attorney said we could have a problem," Ates stated. "The people of Cochran came to a city council meeting and said, 'Let's put the flag back up.'"

Ates estimated that 50 to 75 people wanted the Christian flag back up, which he called "the right thing to do."

Cochran City Manager Richard Newbern told that the flag has flown periodically, but he decided to consult the city attorney about the legality.

“The attorney advised that the flag not be flown at city hall,” Newbern stated.

He recalled how the Christian flag was originally raised for a "Bible Reading Marathon," a religious event that began in the town in 2003.

The Bible Reading Marathon’s Facebook page posted a picture (above) of the Christian flag at the city hall in March.

Sources: 13 WMAZ,, Facebook
Image Credit: Facebook Screenshot


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