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From Georgia To Texas, 'In God We Trust' Sparks Controversy In The US

Georgian and Texan towns are just some of many across the U.S. that have added the national motto, “In God We Trust,” to government property, sparking controversy.

"I think it's perfectly fine to display that in a church, in your home, a desk at work and it's private, that's fine,” Fayette County, Georgia, resident Marcia Hendershot told WSB-TV. “But not in a government building that is supposed to represent people of many different religious beliefs."

An “In God We Trust” sign is set to be displayed in Fayette County’s commission chamber.

The motto was added to Cleveland Independent School District police vehicles in Texas earlier in December, Your Houston News reported.

Some feel the motto excludes many Americans and is divisive.

"Today almost a quarter of the U.S. population identifies as non-religious and that's a lot of people to exclude," the Freedom From Religion Foundation said. "'In God We Trust' isn’t even accurate. In order to be accurate, it should read 'In God Some of Us Trust,' and wouldn’t that be a silly motto?"

Many support posting the motto, some even saying it should be everywhere.

“A lot of agencies are doing this these days,” Cleveland ISD Police Chief Rex Evans said. “The [Texas attorney general] ruled that the motto of our nation is ‘In God We Trust,' so how could it be wrong?”

Fayette County Commissioner Steve Brown stands by the decision to hang the motto on Georgia government walls.

"It's the national motto,” Brown said in September. "I think if you've got a problem with it, you go to the national government and talk to them."

"The state allows you to put that on your license plate,” Brown said on Dec. 22. “You see it on cars all over Georgia. It's on the currency. The federal government has it on the currency."

Many residents agree.

"'In God We Trust' can be anywhere, everywhere,” Fayette, Georgia, resident Joyce McGeachy said. "[It] should be. That's the way I feel."

Sources: WSB-TV(2)Your Houston News / Photo credit: Supplied via Your Houston News

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