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Georgia School District: Mass Baptism At High School Violated Rules (Video)

A mass baptism of a football coach and several players at Villa Rica High School in Georgia on August 12 violated procedural rules, according to the Carroll County School District (video below).

The First Baptist Villa Rica originally posted a video of the baptisms on YouTube, which brought a letter from the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF), an atheist legal organization, noted CBS News.

School district assistant superintendent Terry Jones told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution today that principal Glen Harding approved baptisms by the First Baptist Church of Villa Rica.

Jones' statement said that that the school district "had no knowledge that this event was scheduled to happen" on the school campus.

“The principal’s understanding was that the event was a church sponsored activity that was to be conducted after school and he was not aware of student involvement,” added Jones. “From the investigation the school district has concluded that VRHS failed to follow district facility usages procedures for outside groups using school facilities.”

Jones didn't say if there would be any discipline taken, but the FFRF's Annie Laurie Gaylor believes the coaches who were part of the baptisms ought to be disciplined.

Kevin Williams, pastor of First Baptist Church of Villa Rica, told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that the school board was not informed about the baptisms, but added: “If I had talked to the school board and the school board or anybody from the school asked me not to do it, I would have obliged.”

Sources: CBS News, Atlanta Journal-Constitution / Photo Credit: CBS News Screenshot


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