Georgia Principal Lands In Hot Water Over Controversial Facebook Posts


A high school principal in Georgia has returned to his post about two weeks after he was placed on administrative leave for making controversial comments on his Facebook page, which were seen by others who work at or attend the school.

Lambert High School Principal Gary Davison made posts that were unfavorable toward Muslims, the LGBT community, Planned Parenthood and welfare recipients, RawStory reports.  

The comments caused concern among some parents and students. The school has a growing population of students from diverse backgrounds, and the school has a long-standing policy for employees who post content on social media, according to RawStory:

“A good question that staff members should ask themselves before posting or emailing a message is, ‘Would I mind if that information appeared on the front page of the local newspaper?’ If the answer is ‘yes,’ then do not post it. Email and social networking sites are very public places.”

Former students who had sent him friend requests on Facebook expressed discontent when they saw Davison's posts. One former student wrote an emotional rebuttal to one of Davison's comments disparaging Muslims:

“You were the person who plastered signs about Lambert having diversity all over the school, while posting on your Facebook that Muslims were not allowed in the country. You approved an after-school group that brought people of different nationalities and races together and you talked about accepting everyone, then you shared posts about keeping Syrian refugees out of our country.”

Davison returned to Lambert High School after receiving an "open-ended suspension" for a few weeks, and released a statement acknowledging he had embarrassed the school and offended many people. School Superintendent Jeff Bearden said he "firmly believes he [Davison] has learned from this experience and is committed to ensuring a positive culture and climate for all students that attend Lambert."

The Atlanta-Journal Constitution reports that Davison also posted a letter of his own on the high school's website, which reads: “I have learned a great deal from my mistakes and I am committed to regaining your trust.”

Sources: The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, RawStory / Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

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