Georgia Police: One Nation Under God


The police department in Snellville, Georgia, advised citizens on July 8 to be part of one nation under God and to value God's laws.

The Snellville Police Department wrote on its Facebook:

The men and women of our department are so appreciative of the many messages of support, food and cards provided because of the senseless tragedy in Dallas. Let's become ONE NATION AND ONE PEOPLE under God and learn again to value all life and the rules of law of God and man. Let's once again treat each other the way we would want our families and ourselves treated. We ask God's blessings and protection for all of us.

Facebook comments in response to the posting, which didn't specify a god, were mixed:

I am as sad as anyone about the loss. I hope we can all learn to love and respect one another. That being said, stop using this as an opportunity to bring "god" into policing. Keep church and state separated. I'm sure you wouldn't want someone getting on an official law enforcement Facebook page and posting about Allah or Satan or whoever they choose to worship. I believe in no god(s). Respect those you serve and keep your posts secular.

By "god law" I assume you mean the 10 commandments, so if I'm understanding your statement correctly, can I expect to be arrested for coveting my neighbors wife in your community? Please advise.

I am praying that not one of your men and women will ever be attacked for and while doing your sworn duty. Prayers to keep you safe!

Very heartbreaking that we lost 5 of our brothers in Dallas. Hearts break all over for our lost family members. May they continue their service in heaven as our guardian angels in blue. God Bless you all! Stay safe and thank you.

In 2015, the Snellville Police Department made headlines when it received a 911 call about a black couple with a white baby, noted WGCL.

In response, Snellville Police capt. Greg Perry wrote on the department's Facebook:

Wanted to wait a little bit before posting this to calm down some. Our motto has always been, if you see something say something. However, there are some calls that we will not respond to. Kudos to one of our Day Watch Lieutenants for refusing to respond to a call asking us to check to see if a white baby belongs to a black couple. No other information given. This is disgusting. We are not someone's racially insensitive investigators. Proud of our Lieutenant not involving us in this call.

Sources: Snellville Police Department/FacebookWGCL / Photo Credit: Snellville Police Department/Facebook

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