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Georgia Pastor Shocked that Denmark Pastor Doesn't Share Anti-Gay Views (Video)

Pastor Marty McLain traveled from Douglasville, Ga., to several Nordic countries where he spoke to people on the street and religious clergy for the documentary "The Norden," which was produced by the Finnish Broadcasting Company.

Pastor McLain seemed stunned by the lack of religious people in Denmark and how local religious leaders didn't hold the same anti-gay views that he does, noted (video below).

Pastor McLain interviewed Rev. Lars Danner Madsen of the Solbjerg Church in Copenhagen, Denmark.

“Let me ask you about an explosive issue that I've read about in Denmark," stated Pastor McClain. "A couple of years ago it seems like there was an issue with having same-sex ceremonies in the church."

"The parliament, the government said, 'You must perform same-sex marriages in the church?'” Pastor McClain asked Rev. Madsen, who calmly replied, "That is correct."

"Wow!" said Pastor McClain. "Wow!"

“I think God has created love, not to make new generations, but to unite people,” added Rev. Madsen.

“I believe same-sex attraction is a sin,” Pastor McLain later said. “When it comes to homosexuality, the worst thing I can do to somebody is say, ‘You know, God made you that way, and he wants you to that way, and God’s all for a homosexual relationship.’”

“When you look in the Bible, you see what God says about homosexuality,” added Pastor McLain. “I have to deny so much of scripture in order to give that type of counsel.”

Later, Pastor McLain claimed, "Evolution is by faith because it's not been proven and nobody was there to witness. There's no missing link."

However, Pastor McLain made no mention of fossil remains that evolutionary scientists cite.

In another video clip (below), Pastor McLain expressed his disapproval with how a singer moved in church.

According to The Christian Index, Pastor McLain was contacted in 2013 about appearing in the documentary, which paid for his meals, lodging and transportation.

"The Norden" also flew James Conway, retired Superintendent of the notorious Attica Correctional Facility in New York, to Nordic countries where he was disturbed by how humane the prisons are compared to American jails (video below).

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