Georgia Church Sign Says: 'Santa Is Satan' (Video)

A church in Harlem, Georgia, recently put up a strange message on its sign: "Santa is Satan."

The sign belongs to the Born Again Independent Baptist Church and was written by Pastor Edward Carothers who does a similar type of signage on different holidays, reports News Channel 6.

"We believe that Santa Claus is robbing Christ of his glory," Pastor Carothers told WRDW (video below).

"We have come to the point where we have replaced Jesus Christ and his birthday with a fictitious character named 'Santa' and we have lifted him up instead of lifting up the savior," added Pastor Carothers.

Pastor Carothers kept that message on the sign, but added more words to encourage people to come to church this past Sunday to "find out why" Santa is the devil.

"It's amazing to me that people would get this upset over a fictitious creature," said Pastor Carothers, who attacked the same "fictitious creature" on his church sign.

"We want them to know that we love Jesus and we're gonna lift up and magnify Jesus on his birthday," stated Pastor Carothers. "It's his birthday, it's not Santa's birthday."

However, there is no mention of "Christmas" celebrations in the Bible or that Dec. 25 is Christ's birthday.

Sources: News Channel 6, WRDW


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