Gays Forcing Christians 'Into The Closet' Claims Star Parker


Star Parker, a conservative Christian speaker and pundit, has a history of opposing gay rights and gay marriage.

During the 2013 Values Voter Summit, Parker warned that the “enemies of God” were using homosexuality to damage traditional marriage and “bring hostility into the public square” (video below).

According to, Parker told gay people to "keep it private."

While Parker wants gay people to keep it private, she is worried that Christians may be forced to keep their faith private.

Parker recently wrote an op-ed for the conspiracy website WorldNetDaily that warned how "homosexual activists" are "trying to push Christian reality" into "the closet and to lock the door."

Parker writes:

Homosexual activists understand the ongoing erosion of traditional values as a pillar of our society and use this opportunity to push Christian reality, once and for all, into the closet and to lock the door.

The battlefront is the core contradiction of the legitimization of homosexual behavior that scripture clearly prohibits and then moving on to redefine marriage.

Christians have been put in the untenable position that being true to their faith means, by the new standards set in our society, being labeled a bigot and then being exposed to being put out of business.

She also urged people of faith not to "supply goods or services for activities against the precepts of their faith."

Parker claimed the right of religious people to refuse to provide "goods or services" is protected under the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

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