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Gay People Don't Want to Know the Truth, Claims Christian Radio Host Linda Harvey (Audio)

Christian radio host Linda Harvey recently claimed that gay people do not want to know the truth about why they chose to be homosexual.

“Friends, the main reason people now believe some are born homosexual is because those who are currently committed to and want to continue this conduct say so. Sinners wanting to hold onto their sin? Where else have we heard this except throughout all of human history. It's why Jesus died for us and rose again,” Harvey said during her Mission America show last week, noted (audio below).

"Many people don't seem to know why they have same-sex attractions, but almost always, if the person really wants the truth there's probably a way to trace developments back to incidents and experiences that shaped those feelings; from child molestation to other traumatic childhood experiences in childhood, to neglectful, disordered or abusive parents. There's usually something that points to a reason.”

“We can all have sinful responses to situations we did not choose. The question becomes, do we want to know the truth? Sometimes people hold onto what they know even if it is uncomfortable, even if they realize they could probably do something different because change can be a lot of work, change can mean confessing sin, change can mean your circumstances might be shaken up," claimed Harvey.



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