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Gay People Blame Christians for Their Inner 'Pain' Claims Focus on the Family (Video)

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer, Republican, recently vetoed a bill that would have allowed business owners the right to deny service to people (including homosexuals) based on religious beliefs.

The bill was opposed by large employers in Arizona, Republican senators John McCain and Jeff Flake, and some of the state lawmakers who voted for it, noted The New Yorker.

While the bill didn't mention gay people in its wording, supporters admitted it was in response to a Christian photographer in New Mexico who refused to shoot a gay couple's wedding and lost a court battle.

Focus on the Family's legal arm, CitizenLink, claimed today that the bill was grossly misrepresented in the media.

CitizenLink head Stuart Shepard lamented how since 1999, gay people have demanded domestic partnerships but then wanted civil union and later insisted on gay marriage (video below).

However, in reality, gay people have been asking for same-sex marriage rights in the United States since 1970.

"Now, the message is, 'If you will not celebrate a same-sex ceremony, then you will be punished,'" claimed Shepard.

However, Christians have not been asked to "celebrate" same-sex marriages, but rather to provide gay people with the same services that they would provide straight people, including wedding cakes and photography.

"[Gay people] know that they're feeling pain, they hurt," Shepard later added, according to "They sincerely believe that it can't be because of anything they're doing because, 'I was born this way, this is how I was created, therefore.' So that pain they're feeling must be  coming from you, the Christian, anyone who speaks out against what it is that they're arguing for in culture. So the goal of this is to get every Christian to stop talking about it, to use the force of law to change what is taught in schools."

Shepard, a former television weatherman, offered no proof of his theories.

Sources:, CitizenLink, The New Yorker


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