Gay Marriage Will Bring Riots, Starvation Says Christian Radio Host (Audio)


The U.S. Supreme Court refused on Monday to hear gay marriage appeals from five states in which lower courts ruled in favor of same-sex marriage.

According to CNN, the high court's refusal yesterday means that gay marriage will now be legal in Indiana, Oklahoma, Utah, Virginia and Wisconsin.

Colorado, North Carolina, South Carolina, Kansas, West Virginia, and Wyoming may also have to lift their bans on gay marriage as well because those states fall under the same appeals courts that ruled for the aforementioned five states.

Christian radio show host Sandy Rios attacked the court on her American Family Association program yesterday and warned of riots and starvation to follow, noted (audio below).

“I would say, if we don’t do something, I think we’re going to see, and this is radical, so stay tuned. I think we’re going to see riots in the street, we’re going to see starvation, we’re going to see things we have never seen before, we’re going to see a complete breakdown in terms of law enforcement, it’s going to be a nightmare,” claimed Rios.

“And this will be what you are handing to your children if you don’t speak up now. I’m not sure we can pull it back, but do you want to say in retrospect that you did nothing? That you just sat and watched it? You just kept going to Bible studies on Thursday nights?” added the worried host.

Earlier in her show, Rios claimed that the courts do not have the power to "redefine marriage."

"They make themselves fools," said Rios.

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