Gay Marriage vs. Black People in 'The New Black' Film (Video)

“The New Black” is a new documentary that shows the conflict between conservative, religious members of the black community and gay rights advocates over same-sex marriage (video below).

Directed by Yoruba Richen, "The New Black" will be screened at Washington’s AFI Docs Festival on June 22 and June 23.

Richen told Politico.com that it is the "ultimate irony that an institution which has historically been the moral center of the civil rights movement, advocated to deny another minority group’s rights.”

The documentary follows a gay marriage referendum "Question 6" that was put up for a vote in Maryland in November 2012 and passed, reported WBAL.com.

However, the months  leading up to that vote featured strong opposition from some black churches.

“The reality is that the African-American community and the black church is diverse and opinions on this issue have reflected that," Richen said. 

"There were some black public figures who took stances very early on in support of gay rights, look at Jesse Jackson’s rainbow coalition in the '80s, while others spoke out against it. Also in terms of polling, African-American support has varied depending how you phrase the question and the religiosity of the respondents.”

Source: Politico.com and WBAL.com.


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