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Gay Marriage is 'More Radical' Than Incestuous Marriage, Claims Illinois Family Institute

Laurie Higgins, a researcher for the anti-gay Illinois Family Institute, recently exchanged emails with a pro-gay marriage attorney in Tampa, Florida.

Higgins published their conversation on the Illinois Family Institute website and stated, "My hope that this exchange may help others in their discussions about marriage with friends, neighbors, colleagues, and lawmakers."

The attorney told Higgins:

Do you realize that U.S. citizens are not required to be religious, let alone Christian? Do you realize “traditional marriage” was polygamy and trading women for property? I have two friends in Chicago who want to get married.  They are gay.  I am 100% in favor of that.

In part of her response, Higgins seemed to brag that the Illinois Family Institute was not concerned with the subjective feelings of love in marriage:

Most “progressives” assert that marriage is inherently binary and is inherently constituted by the presence of subjective feelings of love. We, in contrast, believe that marriage is inherently binary and sexually complementary.

Higgins later claimed that gay marriage was "more radical" than recognizing an incestuous marriage between a heterosexual couple:

I don’t see the relevance of your friendship with a homosexual couple to the question of what marriage is or why the government is involved. If I knew a father and daughter who were in love and committed to spending their lives together, my view of the importance of the criterion regarding blood kinship would not change.

And recognizing homosexual unions as “marriages” is far more radical a redefinition of marriage than would be recognizing incestuous heterosexual unions as marriages.



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