Gay Man Has 'Lust' for His Adopted Baby, Claims Ex-Navy Chaplain (Video)


"Dr. Chaps" Gordon Klingenschmitt claimed today on his Internet TV  program that a picture of a gay couple with an adopted baby is evidence that homosexuals adopt children to get them into the "homosexual lifestyle."

Klingenschmitt was upset that the UK Supreme Court would not hear the appeal of Northern Ireland Minister for Health Edwin Poots, who opposed a lower court's ruling allowing gay and lesbian couples to adopt children in Northern Ireland, noted

According to, the former Navy Chaplain put a picture of two gay men with a baby on the screen and claimed one of the men was lusting after the child (video below).

"I want you to notice that one of the men almost has his tongue hanging out, like he's licking his chops, like this baby is ours now," said Klingenschmitt. "And that's fine, you may call that love, but it looks to me a little bit like lust."

"They crave to bring the children of heterosexual couples, through adoption, into their home, so that they can raise them in the homosexual lifestyle," claimed Klingenschmitt. "And studies now show that up to 20 percent of kids raised by kids become gay themselves. It is a recruiting tool and it's a child abuse tool."

However, Klingenschmitt did not cite the exact studies he was referring to.

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