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Gas Station's Religious 'Crusade' Sign Offends (Video)

A Shell gas station in Nashville, Tennessee, has offended some customers with a religious message on its electronic sign (video below).

The sign says: "Closed on Sundays so we can prep for the crusade," and "Seven years of Obama and we can't figure out which restroom to use," notes The Washington Times.

The Crusades were a centuries-long battle by Christians against Muslims and people of other faiths. A crusade can also mean a large evangelism meeting -- like the Billy Graham Crusade -- which tries to convert people to Christianity.

"To me, I see it as Shell is tolerant of these kind of messages," Gregory Crownover, a customer, told WSMV.

"It is basically implying that violence is coming towards Muslims," Crownover added.

Crownover said the other message was intolerant towards the LGBT community.

"The way I see it, if you don't agree with it, don't read it," Beau Butcher, another Shell customer, countered.

"I would like to say that America is supposed to be freedom of speech, so I believe that they are doing OK by saying what they feel," Renee Trauernicht, another Shell patron, stated.

Crownover recalled the other messages that the sign has featured.

"There was a message saying that they 'fired some people due to the entitlement of this generation, now hiring,'" Crownover said. "There was another sign that said 'Snoop Doggy Dogg you need a jobby job job. Now hiring.' That didn't seem very tasteful either."

The privately-owned Shell gas station was closed on Sunday when WSMV visited, and the station was unable to interview the owner or leave a message.

WSMV did leave a message with Shell's corporate office, and is waiting to hear back.

"They are welcome to say whatever they want to say, but just don't be a Shell station anymore, or Shell needs to say that they approve of these things being placed under their logo," Crownover opined.

"It is freedom of speech, but freedom of speech sometimes goes too far because morals have been taken out of it," Butcher said.

"This is in Davidson County, and Davidson County is a place of many cultures and different people and this doesn't reflect well at all for the city," Crownover stated.

Sources: WSMV, The Washington Times  / Photo credit: SanVic/YouTube

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