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Gary Boisclair vs. Rep. Keith Ellison -- Christian vs. Muslim

MINNEAPOLIS, MN -- Gary Boisclair has unveiled his first TV ad against incumbent Keith Ellison, District 5. Mr. Boisclair is challenging Mr. Ellison in a Democrat (DFL) primary to Represent Minnesota’s 5th Congressional District. The ad focuses on Mr. Ellison's use of the Koran for his oath of office, and the implications of that act.

Gary Boisclair states:

"It is common knowledge that Ellison is proud to publicize his devotion to the writings contained in the Koran. 

"This TV ad references several verses in the Koran which call for violence against Jews and Christians. 

"The call to violent acts against Christians and Jews within this 'holy' book should alarm every American. The fact that a U.S. Congressman swore an oath on a book that calls for most of us to be persecuted is an outrage.

"The Koran is a pillar in Islam's 'Sharia Law,' which is a comprehensive code of ethics governing both the private and the public behaviors of all 'good' Muslims. Sharia law -- as seen in dozens of Muslims nations -- leads to the oppression of its non-Muslim citizens, and the loss of fundamental human rights for all.

"The fact that Ellison swore an oath to uphold the Constitution on a book that would destroy the Constitution is as ludicrous as it is absurd.

"We did not pick this fight; Islam's war against Christianity and human liberty has raged against us for 1400 years. We are merely responding with the truth."


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