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Gallery Church Gets Evicted From NYC Restaurant Over Same-Sex Sermons

The Gallery Church has been forced to find a new home after the house of worship claims it was kicked out of a New York City restaurant for preaching Christian messages that included sermons against same-sex relations and marriage.

The church states that it was evicted from the space it was renting for $25,000 a year, after numerous complaints from those living in the surrounding area. The Blaze reported that the incident was discussed in detail on Gallery’s blog by Freddy Wyatt, the church’s pastor.

Part of the blog post includes the following:

“After only meeting in our new space for a couple of months, we were asked to leave. The restaurant that was hosting us had received significant backlash from the neighborhood for hosting a Christian church in their space. The backlash came before the sermon was even preached yet was enough to motivate the restaurant to end their partnership with us.”

According to the blog post, Gallery Church has found a new home, but it comes at a cost. The new location costs $15,000 more a year than the previous spot.

Gallery Church’s website says they are “a group of people who are embracing the truth and reality of Jesus and are allowing Him to transform our thinking about life, love, money, power, sex and relationships.  As He transforms us, that transformation will be put on display for the world to see.  It is not displayed for our benefit or our ego, but it is displayed in an effort to make the world a better place.  It is displayed in an effort to let others know that the gospel of grace is alive in us and is for everyone.”

Sources: The Blaze, The Washington Times, Gallery Church


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