Freedom from Religion Foundation’s Billboards Part Of Campaign To Encourage Non-Believers To ‘Come Out Of The Closet’ And Be Open About Their Atheism


More than 50 billboards funded by the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) will be going up in the Sacramento, Calif., area as part of a campaign to encourage non-believers to “come out of the closet” and be open about their atheism, Annie Laurie Gaylor told

Gaylor also noted that the campaign isn’t meant to insult Christmas or any other holiday, but to encourage people to simply ignore the religious undertones.

“The whole month of December is taken over in a celebration of the religious beliefs, in particular Christianity, and it’s just as if the whole month turns non-believers into outsiders,” Gaylor stated.

KTXL reported that the billboards will contain atheist messages from the local FFRF Sacramento Chapter.

“They are going up to let the fellow non-believers know they are not alone,” FFRF Sacramento President Judy Saint said.

Saint wants people to know what it means to be an atheist.

“We are just like other people. We celebrate the holidays, but we don’t believe in god. You could call us free thinkers,” Saint said.

Obviously, not everyone in the community is excited about the presence of the billboards.

“While I’m not happy about these billboards, I am certain people still, when they look deep down in their soul and in their heart, find a spark. They believe in a higher power,” Bishop Jaime Soto with the Cathedral of a Blessed Sacrament said.

Sources: Fox News, KTXL


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