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Freedom From Religion Foundation Questions Indiana School's Practices

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A nonprofit dedicated to protecting the separation of church and state has called into question the practices of one Indiana school.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation submitted a letter to Eastern Howard School Corp. on Monday requesting that the school district correct what the foundation considers constitutional violations that illegally promote religion in school.

The letter, received by Eastern Schools Superintendent Tracy Caddell, focused on teacher-led prayer, a school sanctioned religious endorsement, and a religious quote in a classroom. The letter pointed to three specific incidents: an Eastern Jr./Sr. High School choir teacher praying before student performances, a faculty-led reenactment of the Nativity and a religion quote in one history teacher’s classroom.

“Teachers have access to a captive audience of students due to their position as public educators, and the district has a duty to regulate religious proselytizing in the classroom,” FFRF wrote. “EHSC should consider reminding all its employees of their constitutional obligation to remain neutral toward religion while acting in their official capacities.”

One Facebook commenter suggested that prayers don’t have to be said aloud and that no child should have to feel ostracized for his or her decision.

Sam Grover, a staff attorney for FFRF, noted that the district had forwarded the letter to its legal counsel and plans on responding next week.

Sources: WTHR, Kokomo Tribune

Photo Credit: WSLM Radio, Kelly Lafferty Gerber/Kokomo Tribune


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