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Freedom From Religion Foundation Opposing Star Of David At Holocaust Memorial

An atheist group that is known for targeting supposed violations of the separation between church and state recently protested a Holocaust memorial because the monument plans to feature a Star of David.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation, or FFRF, has stated its opposition to the proposed Ohio Statehouse Holocaust memorial because its leaders believe that including the religious symbol would create "legal precedent."

The co-presidents of the FFRF, Don Barker and Annie Laurie Gaylor, wrote a letter to Richard Finan, chair of the Capitol Square Review and Advisory Board about the proposed memorial, The Blaze reported.

“Permitting one permanent sectarian and exclusionary religious symbol ... would create the legal precedent, for instance, to place an equally large or larger permanent Latin cross on Capitol grounds," they wrote. The group maintains that they have an issue with including the star because it is associated with Judaism but have no problem with a Holocaust museum at the capitol.

“The monument could resemble numerous powerful war memorials across the U.S. which do not use any sectarian images, including the national World War II Memorial, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial and the Korean War Veterans Memorial,” the letter continued. “Each is secular in nature and without religious reference, which offends no one and is respected by all.”

The architect who is involved with the project, Daniel Libeskind, purposefully included the star because he says that “one cannot separate the Holocaust from the star.”

Despite the FFRF’s intense opposition, the design was approved.

Sources: The Blaze, The Columbus Dispatch


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