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Freedom From Religion Foundation Files Complaints Over Religion In Texas Schools

The Freedom from Religion Foundation is no stranger to Texas high schools.

In May, the group claimed that Kountz High School was violating the First Amendment’s Establishment Clause by putting Bible verses on banners used at the school’s football games. A Texas judge ruled in favor of the school in the case.

Today, the FRFF is at it again saying that the principal of the Lumberton Early Childhood School committed a “serious offense” of the Establishment Clause by leading kindergarteners and their parents in a prayer at a recent graduation ceremony. The FRFF’s letter says an unnamed parent at the ceremony contacted the organization and complained of the prayer.

According to Daily Caller, Chris Soileau, an attorney for the Lumberton Independent School District, declined to say much on the issue, noting that it is district policy not to speak on legal issues involving school employees. Soileau would only say that school employees wish to adhere to the constitution and any other relevant laws.

The complaint by the FRFF is the latest in a slew of allegations against the Lumberton Independent School District for allowing religion in public schools. In addition to this complaint and the high school Bible verse banners, the FRFF filed a suit against the school district for holding an official prayer at a May 31 preschool graduation ceremony.

Although the FRFF has been so vocal lately, it is interesting to note what the organization has been silent about. A Lumberton High School class recently instructed female students to wear burqas to school for a day as part of a religious education class. Though the FRFF had no problem with this, it is easy to imagine that if the students had been instructed to dress as, say, an evangelical pastor instead, the FRFF might have come running. 

Source: Daily Caller


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