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Franklin Graham: 'We're Going To Lose This Country' (Video)

Evangelist Franklin Graham warned Christians on Nov. 2 that they were going to lose the United States if they didn't vote (video below).

According to Right Wing Watch, Graham made his comments during a "Pray and Vote" broadcast produced by the American Family Association.

During his segment, Graham urged Christians to help Christians get elected to keep the country controlled by Christians:

We need Christians across this country, who are community organizers, who are out helping Christians to run for office, and getting behind those Christians, financing them, and then working for them to get them elected.

Because if we don't, we are going to lose this country. This is probably the most important election in my lifetime. I'm 64 years old and we are on the precipice of losing the United States of America, and we better get out there and vote.

Article Six of the U.S. Constitution states in part that "no religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under the United States."

Graham then said of the presidential race:

Both of these candidates are flawed, both of them, but we're not voting for a pastor. We're voting for somebody who is going to appointing the next Supreme Court justices. This election is not about Hillary's lost emails and it's not about Donald Trump's potty mouth. This election is about the Supreme Court.

This is the most important election of our lifetime. we have a chance to get pro-life judges, which could change this country. We have an opportunity to have leadership that is going to protect Christians. This is huge. There's no question here as the right way to go.

Graham did not specifically endorse any candidate, but he urged people in October not to think about reports of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump not paying taxes for 15 years, but rather focus on taxpayer-funded transgender procedures.

In that same month, Graham praised Republican vice presidential nominee Gov. Mike Pence of Indiana for being a Christian, but not Democratic vice presidential nominee Sen. Tim Kaine of Virginia for his Christian beliefs.

It was also reported in October that the Donald J. Trump Foundation donated $100,000 to the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association in 2012, which is run by Franklin Graham.

Sources: Right Wing Watch, Cornell University Law School / Photo credit: Cornstalker/Wikimedia Commons

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