Franklin Graham: US Government Has Only Been Secular For 'The Last Few Years' (Video)


Franklin Graham, the son of evangelist Billy Graham, said on Feb. 3 that the U.S. government has only been secular for “the last few years" (video below).

Graham was promoting his Decision America Tour in which he is going to all 50 states and telling Christians to vote for politicians with Christian values, notes

“I believe the Bible is the word of God from cover to cover, and I believe every word of it is true,” Graham told CNN host Chris Cuomo. “And I hope and pray that people will vote for candidates that live the word of God.”

Cuomo asked: "If a candidate says, 'Look, I have my own Christian beliefs, but this is a secular society under our Constitution and let's look at same-sex marriage, the Supreme Court has said what the law of the land is, respecting the equal protection of same-sex couples to get married, and I must support the law.' Would I get your vote?"

“Well, first of all Chris, you talk about us being a secular government, a secular society, that’s only taken place in the last few years,” Graham responded. “Our nation was founded on Biblical principles. Our founding fathers recognized God. All you have to do is go to Washington and look at all of our monuments with the inscriptions and references to almighty God.”

According to the No Religious Test Clause in the U.S. Constitution, Americans cannot be forced to join any religion in order to hold a public office or a job in the federal government.

“We know that the Christian faith is not the rule for all, that's the point,” Cuomo stated. “Under the Constitution, you don’t see God mentioned until the signature page. That's why I am asking you about respecting the law of the land even though it fights your religious belief.”

“Well, first of all I respect the law of the land that has been approved by the Constitution,” Graham said. “And I don’t think the judges in Washington can just make law. That’s not what they do, but that’s what they’ve done as it relates to same-sex marriage.”

Graham recalled how when same-sex marriage was "put to a vote" it was usually voted down by "the people" in most states.

He then called for a "nationwide referendum on this" to "see what the people say."

Cuomo reminded Graham that the Constitution has protected the minority regardless of the majority belief.

Graham reiterated his belief that America was founded by Christians on Feb. 3 on his Facebook page: "The foundations of this nation have nothing to do with Islam, but everything to do with the Church of Jesus Christ. Islam cannot save anyone from hell or open the gates of heaven."

Sources: RawStory.comCNN via YouTubeFacebook, Wikipedia / Photo Credit: CNN via YouTube

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